Saturday, 4 September 2010

Cathederal Sculptures.

IMG_0014 Bronze Bear

IMG_0016 Metal Sculpture








As “Crucible” was billed as the sculpture exhibition of the decade I just had to go inside and wander around. Just outside the main doorway there is a giant sculpture of a mason which I didn’t like much, but there were three lovely large knobbly white puffballs on the grass with people picnicking around them. This big bear was welcoming admirers, and the figure on the cross with metal spikes all over looked stunning against the light of the west window. Many of the bronze sculptures were cast at the Pangolin Foundry in the Chalford Valley. 

IMG_0060 Tribesman

IMG_0057 Damien Hirst bronze

The man holding some scissors aloft with his skin draped over his arm is by Damien Hurst. I really liked this tribesman sculpture which was intricately detailed.


IMG_0078 Fish Cloak








These eerie sculptures in the Cloisters reminded me of when Harry potter had been filmed here.


IMG_0086 Giant Tortoise








These two reminded me of the programme ‘One Foot on the Grave’! The exhibition runs throughout September and October and is well worth a visit, I think.

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