Sunday, 5 September 2010


It was rather a soggy, grey day today, however it did not dampen our spirits. We caught the Stagecoach Gold Bus into Cheltenham. Luckily the front seats on the upper deck were unoccupied, so like excited children we sat in them admiring the views from the large panoramic windows. It was a much smoother ride on this bus than on the ordinary buses!

IMG_0001 Hare and Mynator Sculpture As we walked down The Promenade we saw this lovely Hare and Minator bronze sculpture. Cast by the Pangolin Foundry in Chalford, it is nine feet high and has been in place since 1998.

Meandering past the shops we went into The Moon Under Water for one of Wetherspoon’s excellent Sunday roasts. We retuned through The Regents Arcade to see the Kit Williams mechanical clock in action. On each hour it plays music and the fish at the bottom blows bubbles for the children. The clock is fourteen metres high, was installed in 1985, and is still working well.

IMG_0002 Kit Williams Wishing ClockThe Sainsbury’s Superstore which opened in 2009 here in Gloucester Quays has many ‘green’ energy saving ideas. People powered checkouts – drivers pass over Kinetic Plates across the entrance to the car park creating about 30 kw of green energy per hour. They are harvesting their rainwater to use for flushing their toilets. The store is designed to make use of maximum daylight and also has 140 sun pipes. Solar Thermal power provides 100% of the hot water during the summer and of course they have LED lighting. There is a good cafe upstairs with a balcony overlooking the canal. Several mooring spaces have been provided, but BW still haven’t got round to erecting any signs regarding mooring times. So, of course some selfish boaters take advantage of this and moor for the week!

I’ have now discovered why our biscuits disappear at such an alarming rate. I am living with a cookie monster!

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