Friday, 27 August 2010

Shepherd’s Patch to Saul.

We made it to Shepherd’s Patch from Sharpness without getting drenched with rain. Bottle was pleased to be cruising again with the wind in his hair! On arrival we met up with Cherry and Rus on their boat ‘Cherus 11’ and it turns out that their boat was one of the first to also be fitted out by Fernwood. We had coffee on each others boats and had a look around, interestingly our boats had many similarities. It was good to catch up on what we had all been doing over the years. They have enjoyed cruising on their boat for almost ten years now, covering most of the waterways. We said our goodbyes and are now moored at Saul Junction for the weekend. There was a wonderful rainbow this evening but a poor signal prevents it appearing on here.

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nb piston broke said...

hair !!!!!!! What hair?????