Sunday, 8 August 2010

Saul Walkabout.

IMG_0001 Silvey brothers SaulToday we wandered along the lane from Sandfield Bridge into the village of Saul.  We passed this once busy garage with Silvey Bros painted over the door, I wonder what goes on in there now?

IMG_0004There are several cottages with plaques above their front doors. This one is on a cottage built by Captain Cam who worked on the River Severn. Nearby is Dove Cottage with  images of two doves above two sailors, twin brothers who were drowned in the River Severn.

IMG_0010 vintage carThis old car was deteriorating in a field, I wondered what make it was and if it was beyond restoration? Looks like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has landed!

IMG_0012 Cottage opposite Ship Inn   We were surprised how quiet it was when we arrived at The Ship Inn and chose a table in the patio garden overlooking the redundant canal arm. This rather tall cottage was just across on the other bank from us. The water was teeming with little fish with reddish fins, which we think may have been Roach. Anyway the roast dinner was excellent and came with a choice of puddings all for £9.95. We had the apple pie with custard. When we left the place was full of diners, just the way we like it. We decided to take the scenic route back to Oakfield via the footpath.

IMG_0013 we were being watched We realised that we were being watched and looked up to see this handsome fellow. We were glad to find that he was behind an electrified fence with his harem!

IMG_0015 Margaret MorrisonAs we left for Gloucester we saw the little steam launch which was struggling with weed around it’s propeller. It was a hot humid day today so I wonder if they were even more cosy in there? 

IMG_0009 Daisies

The wildflowers have been really spectacular this year even with very little rainfall.

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