Monday, 16 August 2010

Gloucester Docks

Gloucester Docks tallship 2008Luckily much of the dock area and the old warehouses have been refurbished or re-built. Today we can enjoy many interesting walks here and visit the Waterways Museum to see and learn all about the history of it all. Here is an image I took back in 2008 during the Tall Ships Festival when there were several old sailing vessels on show in the docks. I thought Ernie and Dave you would like to see these as I don’t think there are any plans to hold such an event in the future.

Gloucester Waterways Museum 2005aThis is one of the beautifully painted old Buckby Cans photographed by Bottle, that are on display in the Waterways Museum. These were originally used by the working barge folk for fetching their drinking and washing water to their boats. Many replica cans are displayed on top of boats today, but their water is more easily acquired via a hose into a large water tank within the boat.

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