Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Today we have been living aboard for a whole year and we have enjoyed every bit of it. Even when we were iced in at Braunston overwinter for several weeks. We liked the Oxford Canal and have been down it twice already to meet up with several friends who moor along it. Although our first trip was to Market Harborough, via Foxton, then up to Braunston onto the Grand Union as far as Cowroast. We also went in the other direction to Coventry via Hillmorton and Rugby. Down to Stratford on Avon and then we went fairly quickly with the flow of the River Avon, onto the Severn onto the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. We have met up with most of our friends and family, and made many new friends during the year too.

1994 Sam

The sad part was that our little dog Sam didn’t quite make it onto the boat and expired on our launch day at the age of 16. He was a rescue dog and the vet thought that he was about a year old when we had him. He was a brilliant lively little character who throughout his life always thought he was a puppy.


Debbie said...

Congratulations, gosh how quick does a year go?! I have been on T Boo for 6 years now, and thats flown too.

Your little Dog was gorgeous, what a lovely photo to make you smile and bring back all the nice memories you have of when he was with you, he almost looks like he is smiling!

Dave Winter said...

Hi Both,
Congratulations on your first year onboard.It must be just under a year when I met you at L.Buzzard.I have followed your blog and your travels and can't wait to get my own boat.I still have a hankering for a Tug type and in red not green.Thanks for keeping up your blog it gives much pleasure to others who follow you.
Take care.

nb piston broke said...

so its a whole year eh time to start building that roof box Keith before winter sets in sorry my mistake it already has Paul

John Sloan said...

It gets even better after the first year!!