Thursday, 12 August 2010

Gloucester Walkabout

Glevum or Colonia Nerviana Glevensiis was a Fort in Roman Britain and in AD79 it became a “Colonia” for retired legionaries. This is the fine statue of the Emperor Nerva in Southgate Street.

IMG_0003 Colonia Nerviana Glevensis There are many interesting inns around the city and one of the oldest is The New Inn which was opened by Saint Peters Abbey in 1450 for visiting Pilgrims. Today the inner courtyard looked charming with its vibrant floral displays.



  IMG_0035 Cross Keys Inn Westgate St

The Cross keys Inn and The Fountain were both hiding down narrow, picturesque, alleyways.

IMG_0037 Clock

This ancient clock above Bakers Jewellers in Southgate Street is still in good working order. It depicts the central figure of Old Father Time flanked by Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales figures in their traditional costumes. There is also a more modern Beatrix Potter Tailor of Gloucester Clock in the Eastgate Market Place.

IMG_0058 nb Ten Bob Note

I spied a Ten Bob Note basking in the sunshine in the main basin.

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