Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rain, or Shine?

IMG_0009 Lighter No9 After lurking for too long near Sainsbury’s, Bottle decided we would make a run for it and go all the way to Sharpness. We set off in lovely sunshine and made it in about four hours to moor in a lovely spot with a view out across the Severn into Wales. Someone kept turning the rain on every ten minutes en route though, so Bottle got rather wet. This is Lighter No9 built in London in 1902 and beached here in 1972.


There are more interesting sea-going vessels the nearer you get towards the end of the canal.


This is one of Bottles favourites, but I like the shape of the one below. Was it a lifeboat in it’s previous life I wonder?

IMG_0016 Nellie After our evening meal we strolled down for a drink at the Dockers Club where there was a fifties music night on, with a disco and live band. We booked in for Sunday lunch tomorrow. The barmaid told us if we turn up early we will have a choice of roasts, but if we leave it until 1.30 we will get the lickutts!

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