Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Flora along the canal

IMG_0026 Scarlet PimpernelScarlet Pimpernel.

IMG_0021  Anyone know the name of this blue one?

IMG_0005 Bee on Teasle Bee on a Teasel.

IMG_0009 DaisiesDaisies and Bistort.

Just to brighten things up a bit today for those of you, like us, who have been affected by it raining cats and dogs nearly all day. Here are some shots I took on some of those sunnier summer days. I do think that the wildflowers have really excelled themselves this year in the lovely hot humid weather that we have had, don’t you? I do miss my herb garden that I used to have when I lived next door to a botanist. She taught me how to make them into a ‘Tussy Mussy’ as she called it. One made especially from fragrant herbs is enough to cheer up anyone who is feeling a bit ‘under the weather’.


Anonymous said...

looking this plant up in my wild flowers of britain book this blue flower may be Chicory ( Cichorium intybus) Janette

Wozie said...

Thank you Janette, I will have a look now I know what I'm looking for.