Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We left Purton and headed for Sharpness but sadly it was to be a short visit as we had to get back to Patch Bridge for visiting friends.

We travelled past the site of the Railway bridge that crossed the Severn, This was hit by two barges on the 25th October 1960. Not much remains now but the story can be read here, link


We did have a lovely surprise on our arrival as a familiar face shouted hello and with him was Foxy.

IMG_0021 FoxyWe did manage to walk along the old arm, now a marina, to see the entrance from the Severn. Where the old dock office is now used by SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association)


The ‘new’ docks are still working and a ship that had unloaded 3,000 tonnes of fertiliser was making preparation to leave.







These two sentinels still stand guard.


This is just a ‘taster’ we will have to return and do it justice.

Just to top off a wonderful day.


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