Friday, 13 August 2010

R W Davis and Son , Saul Junction.


Today I wandered past R. W. Davis Boat-builders yard just as a newly constructed shell was being carefully swung out on the crane from the welding shop into the adjoining workshop for fitting out to commence.

IMG_0009 Their boats are very desirable as they usually build Northwich Trader Class Tugs, 62’ or 70’ long, with the external lines of Yarwood’s of Northwich 1930’s design. Vintage engines such as Kelvin's or Russell Newbury’s grace the engine rooms. One of their replica working boats “Florence” can be hired for holidays if you would like to  experience one with a Lister HRW3 diesel engine! It can be hired from Black Country Narrowboat Hire, We have no connection with this company in any way whatsoever. Please ensure you check to your own satisfaction if you decide to deal with them.

Alnwick, owned by friends of ours was the prototype for the subsequent boats, she has a Kelvin K3 that can be listened to via the link.

IMG_0002 Davis boat yard

This one is being painted by hand out in the open air and must be nearing completion now. It’s been a funny old day with dark grey sky one side and bright sunshine on the other. It did ‘beginin rainen’ heavily late this afternoon though as was forecasted.

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Mudskipper said...

Hi. First time I have come across your site - like it and the photos you took of the boat being craned. That one will be painted indoors. As a prospective purchaser, I have been given the Phil Trotter tour.... The boat being painted outside is not a Northwich Trader - it is one of his workman's boat built in his own time.

Sadly Florence is now up for sale and the website has been pulled. You can see her details on Apollo Duck.