Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hot cruising

We had showers and wandered up to the Co-op for a few things. I treated myself to some strawberries which were grown in Hereford. We like shopping in the Co-op as many of their products are locally sourced and grown in this country. Also they are a good supplier of Fairtrade goods. There was much activity over in the marina and the scaffolders were busy dismantling the temporary bridge over the canal. By the time we set off the sun was warming us up nicely. Every morning while we were at Crick when I opened the side doors this little Moorhen would leave her nest and swim over for a tit bit to take back to share with her two growing chicks.

IMG_0028 Moorhen President and Kildare came by us, so did the little steam powered icebreaker Laplander.

IMG_0020 LaplanderI used up the rest of our water doing the washing as we went along as we stopped to fill our tank at Yelvertoft. We saw nb Derwent 6 and nb Thema en route and I sounded our Klaxon as we approached them. A chap working a digger over in the new marina shouted out ‘it’s a bit early to have the horn out dear’. We were quite concerned when we saw a hire boat approaching and the chap at the helm was steering with one hand and holding a toddler on his shoulders with the other.  Bottle shouted to him that this could be dangerous, but he took absolutely no notice.  We wondered what would happen when he went under low overhanging trees, or a bridge, or even just went for the throttle to slow down! Could it be that people are thick, or just do not value their children's lives?

IMG_0002 President and Kildare passing ‘Oakfield’ and ‘Moment in Time’, moored near the marina entrance. Well it’s been quite a hot day today so we pulled over to moor up after a few hours cruising as we were both feeling hot, tired and in need of refreshments. Are we in for another hot spell I wonder?


Del and Al said...

Lovely to see you both over the last few days. Have fun and no doubt catch up with you later in the year xx

abfab said...

Nice to meet you at last.Thankyou for getting me on the show boat!!

Trudy and John.