Friday, 18 June 2010

Around the boatyard.

IMG_0016 Boat mover

Here is the enormous monster for picking up boats and shifting them around. I don’t think I would like the responsibility of being in charge of one of those big beasts!

IMG_0028 prepaint scrubdownThis delightful little old boat has had a new bottom welded onto it and is receiving a scrub down with a big scrubbing brush prior to being repainted.

IMG_0009 upstairs to bedWe slept ‘upstairs’ for the first time in ages, propped up on two piles of old railway sleepers. It is amazing how many uses these old sleepers are now put to and how long they last with their protective creosote coating. We slept very well here, considering our lofty position. We were lucky with the weather and the paint dried off nicely in the sun and cool breeze.

IMG_0012 SwallowThere were many swallows swooping around doing aerial acrobatics to catch the insects over the water. They seemed to disappear into the boat workshop where they may have been nesting. Buzzards glided high in the sky during the day, and we also heard the t’woo owl calling in the night, but the twit owl was not answering it! The marina was absolutely teeming with fish of all sizes. Debdale is a great place for wildlife as it is surrounded by woods and large open fields.

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