Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dogs afloat.

IMG_0008 little dogThere were all sorts of dogs afloat at the boat show, many were left in charge of boat security while their owners were busy. This little chap had the choice of reclining on the back cabin bed, or meeting his admirers on the rag rug on the counter.

IMG_0029 large,medium and I know my place dogsThese three dogs were on the roof of the chandlery boat. There was a larger one, a middle-sized one and a small one, who knew his place, which was in the small tent on the right.IMG_0025 Chandlery boat 

Here they are posing to attract the customers, ahhh!IMG_0030 Dog with hatThis little dog had a sensible owner who had fitted it out with a sunhat as it was such a hot day.

IMG_0003 Hadar,Keith,Marmite and PaddyPaddy loves his life on board and spends time lying on the back counter leaning over the edge watching the fish!

IMG_0049 waiting patiently


This dog was waiting very patiently  on the towpath to be told when to hop on board.

I must apologise to all the followers of our blogspot for the haphazard postings, as there are places where we cannot get a 3G signal. Sorry!

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