Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hot and cold weekend.

IMG_0005 Tubbs

To our surprise we saw a crow swoop into the canal and come out with a small fish in its mouth which it swallowed whole. We know Heron and Kingfishers do so but is it an unusual occurrence for crows? Mrs Duck has become so friendly she joined Bottle in the cratch to preen herself whilst he was on the phone. On Saturday our own hairstylists cut our hair as it was such a hot day. It has generally been very hot during the day with rain at times cooling things down. So it’s on and off with the shorts at the moment. It’s been a busy week down in the basin and today we met up with our friends Mike and Gerry on Tubbs for roast beef at the Foxton Locks Inn, with coffee on their boat afterwards. We played with Bonny (their little dog) who has been shorn ready for her summer cruise.

IMG_0004 Oakfield Here is Oakfield sporting it’s new smiley face.

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