Friday, 4 June 2010

It’s a wildlife on the canal.

Well we have already changed our 4.5 tog winter duvet over to our 1 tog summer one as things are hotting up now. The shorts have come out, well Bottles have been out for sometime, but it has to be really hot for mine to get an airing!


We have now reached one of our favourite mooring places near the Welford Arm and spent most of the day enjoying the sunshine reading books and pottering about. We are next to Tranquility and Graham has been fitting his new calorifier as the old one sprung a leak at the seem. Luxury, tonight they are enjoying their first showers for sometime. We no longer have to sit downwind of them, only joking! I went along to sit on the plank seat at the junction and spotted two small blue butterflies, I haven’t seen any of those for ages. They are difficult to photograph as they flit among the wildflowers so haphazardly. The fields and pathways hereabouts are flourishing with buttercups, clover, vetches, and other herbivorous loveliness. Does anyone know the name of these white flowers? There are quite a few little Reed Buntings busying themselves amongst the reeds opposite us too.

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