Friday, 18 June 2010

Hot gossip and Boxaholics..

IMG_0001 Foxton through portholeAfter a pump out and filling up with diesel we thanked John and Carol for making our stay at the marina a very welcoming one. We said our goodbyes to Ray and Sue on Moment in Time and set off in beautiful sunshine early on Thursday. On arrival at Foxton Locks it was so hot we donned our shorts and sun screen ready for working the boat up the hill. While we lounged about waiting our turn, two coaches of gongoozlers arrived. We thought, oh dear, now we will be in for an inquisition. Why is it I wonder, that people ask you so many questions just when you need to be concentrating on what you are doing so as not to have any accidents? Thankfully we arrived at the top to moor up for water and to buy a jacket potato and bacon butty from the busy little cafe.

IMG_0030 Boxaholics playing 7 squeezeboxes FoxtonAs we ate our well earned treats we listened to this lovely little trio.They are called ‘Boxaholics’, as they play seven accordions and squeezeboxes between them and they sing English Folksongs.

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