Friday, 11 June 2010

Hot and steamy.

As Sunday was warm and sunny we had a lazy day reading, chatting and watching boats go by. We thought the name of a plastic one called ‘Vino Callapso’ was quite amusing. We had a thunderstorm overnight and just as we were about to move off to another mooring in the morning we spotted water voles on the opposite side of the canal so just had to stop and watch.

2010_0607Vole0002aaThere seemed to be more than one, but this one was swimming along seeking out greenery to nibble for breakfast. We then moved on up near B58 where little bunny rabbits were out nibbling the grassy towpath. I hope that their numerous burrows aren’t undermining the canal though. Tuesday morning we moved on along to moor at the top of Foxton Locks. We had another great downpour of rain with thunder in the afternoon which cooled things down a bit. The sun came out and created a rainbow and later there was a spectacular sunset. The canal and surrounding fields looked quite eerie as they were literally steaming as they warmed up after the storm!

IMG_0005We had days out foraging for food on Thursday and Friday to Market Harborough, catching the bus which stops about a mile up the road. The hunt is now on for some new folding chairs to replace our old ones which look like they may collapse very soon with old age. We need something that is comfy, lightweight, robust and very compact when folded up as space is minimal. Any suggestions would be very welcome, please? 

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