Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What a gay day.

Bottle said he would let the squirrel go out overnight in order to sweep the chimney and flue as it has got quite thickly coated in knobbly bits. Needless to say the boat was filled with a thick cloud of soot and ash dust that has now settled on all the surfaces. I wonder who will have to clear that lot up then? We awoke to find a fairly thick frost this morning, but even so the boat was still quite warm inside.  So, with the chimney done and as our time was up on the mooring, we moved off down the canal via the services to moor temporarily by The Jolly Boatman. This beautiful sunny day got us both into working mode, so we made some ginger cake, swept and washed the roof of the boat and sawed up the wood that we’d collected. I have now finished crocheting six decorative spider webs for fitting inside portholes for Betty to sell them from their boat. It is great to be able to have the cratch cover rolled up to sit at the table in the warm sun again.


By the way, it wasn’t me whot ate all the bird’s food!

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