Saturday, 13 March 2010

Out and About.

On Thursday Dusty came by on his fuel boat and topped us up with diesel. While Bottle was awaiting his arrival Stanley came up to entertain him playing sticks.


In the afternoon I went off on the bus pass gallivanting around Oxford gathering a few things for birthdays, the spring feeling has  now arrived.

Friday I headed off in the opposite direction to Banbury. What a roller coaster ride that was all round bow-wow land on the bus. The bus driver was amazing as we took tight corners, glided up steep narrow windy lanes through woodland and squeezed between parked cars and avoided large lorries in the pretty villages along the route. The scenery was fantastic though and you can peer over all the hedges and walls from a bus. On arrival I wandered up the canal to find nb Tranquility and was welcomed on board by Graham and Betty for coffee and to exchange news.  Graham was busy finishing off the new kitchen layout. After a quick whip round the shops I joined all the wrinklies and teenagers on the bus home. It saddens me to listen to the tsch-tsch noise coming from their ear pieces as the sit plugged into their ‘music’. I’m  thinking that when they are old, will they all be wearing hearing aids instead? As I walked back down the lane towards our boat I noticed that the Daffodils on Shipton green are flowering already.

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