Friday, 26 March 2010

Oxford Heads

IMG_0009We returned from a walk around the city with cricks in our necks, as nearly all the stone carved masterpieces are placed high up on the buildings. My favourite one was the Elephant. This building was also adorned with an elegant elephant weathervane.

IMG_0014 I wonder how long it took the stonemasons to carve all these spectacular heads? Anyone know what the TB might have stood  for? There were also some smaller heads along the bottom of this window.

IMG_0032 We walked along the High Street as far as the bridge and there was an abundance of heads on the building opposite the botanical gardens. I think I photographed  most of them and none of them are the same. I like the fine lines of this man and the simple little ventilator on this one. We looked down on the punts which all had a fair amount of rainwater in them, so there is still work to be done even when they are not being hired out.IMG_0010

             Some are interesting whimsical gargoyles.    

Feeling very weary we winged our way home on our bus passes. Just after the Squirrel was lit and the dinner was started it absolutely tipped with rain. how lucky was that?  The wind is gently rocking the boat and the canal has now turned brown with all the mud it is carrying south.       

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