Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Nothing Special

As the title says, ‘nothing special’ has happened in the last two days, I had a look at the engine, yesterday, it was still there, so that’s OK. Wozie went shopping, food shopping that is.

Wozie had a clear out of unwanted items, today (glad I kept out of the way or I might have been added to the pile) and took them to the charity shop, I ‘played’ with the computer, after it shut down for no apparent reason, have not found out why but now seems to be working.

Did a little ‘fishing’ with the magnet, (search for Maxigrab)** one mooring pin and one windlass and lots of rubbish, including some wire that was waiting for a ‘prop’ to go by. There were some items that would not come up, they were very large and well into the mud.

** No connection just a satisfied customer.

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