Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tranquil reunion!

Last evening turned out to be a cosy candlelit cheese and wine party with salami and posh biscuits. Bones had thoughtfully  gathered together eight varieties of very tasty cheeses for our pure enjoyment. While we nibbled, sipped and chatted the dogs gnawed noisily on their butchers bones. We are very fond of most blue vein cheeses, the tastier the better!

Nb Tranquillity has arrived and Graham and Betty have already popped in for coffee and cake en-route to Kidlington. In addition to her knitted items Betty will now also be selling these lovely crocheted cobwebs to fit inside the portholes.


The towpaths hereabouts are rather soft and we have rescued two boats that came adrift across the canal and secured them safely back against the bank. The moles have been popping up everywhere this year, there certainly seems to be an abundance of molehills here anyway.

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