Wednesday, 10 March 2010


It was a late start, I didn’t get out of bed till 8:45 which is late for me but normal for wozie. rose

After a shower each the tank was empty, now the water point was behind us and my reversing is not that practiced. We decided to go forward through one lift bridge and one lock, turn on the Cherwell and retrace our course to the water point. That went well with wozie steering and me for once doing the hard bit, the bridge and the lock.

There was a boat on the water point and it was Milly M (Maffi’s boat) so we had a chat whilst the tanks were filled.

Big decision, we decided to reverse to our previous mooring and it went quite well, even with the side wind.

There is an ‘acoustic session’ at the Boat Inn tonight and we shall be going, for the music and the excellent company. smile_wink


MortimerBones said...

indeed - the company was excellent... well, it was for me!!!!

nb piston broke said...

We are on our way hope to see you in the not too distant future. Your turn to make the baot cake as you have had lots of practise. Will keep you posted on our progress.