Monday, 8 March 2010

We have been so busy in the last few days smile_winkthat we have not had time to update the blog. (Believe that and you will believe anything)

Friday saw us, sawing up some odd bits of wood we had found, all nice and dry, for the fire. I did some checks down the engine hole, the engine was still there. Transferred some diesel from the main tank to the generator tank. Maintaining a record of this just in case HMRC make a call.

Stanley from Helene of Troy popped in for a chat.


Saturday wozie walked to the Co-Op for some milk and called in on Maffi. The evening saw us all at the local with the usual group.

Sunday we knew that Maffi was helping to move three boats from his mooring up to Heyford. Link to his post. So we had to go see.

Three boats all in a row


Under the bridge and ninety degree turn left


They achieved the turn with three boats all tied together, without hitting any other boats and where many single boats have great difficulty, a skill indeed.


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