Monday, 8 March 2010

Canal Sculpture?

IMG_0005These cast iron sculptures stand alongside the wide outside Annie's Tearoom at Thrupp. The poem written along them is entitled ‘Heron’. I think that they are some of the nicer pieces that I have seen canal-side, what do you think? The electrification work on the nearby lift bridge seems to be at a standstill. I wonder if it will be completed ready for the heavy use it will get at the beginning of the imminent holiday season?


We have hung our fat balls on the low branches of the nearby  trees and the Blue Tits seem to think that they are exclusively for them and chase all the other birds away. We have seen two Robins feeding together and some endearing little long Tailed Tits, which I would like to photograph. The seeds and bread crumbs that we spread on the ground beneath seem to disappear at an alarming rate! We have yet to see who is responsible for this.

Today we boarded the bus to Oxford, had coffee in Marks and Sparks and wandered round the shops foraging for a few essentials. It is quite amazing how all the traffic manages to avoid hitting the swarms of cyclists zooming around the city.

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