Sunday, 14 March 2010

Deddington Walkabout 2

IMG_0005 Hopcraft Deddington OxonThis drain cover set into the pavement bears the name Hopcraft and Son of Deddington Oxon to a British Standard. Would it have been cast there I wonder? I don’t know what the monogram in the middle stands for either, any guesses? It was a delightful experience exploring all the lanes and alleyways hereabouts.

IMG_0013 Snowdrops escaping

These snowdrops were escaping underneath the railings from the Churchyard. Birds and Squirrels were very bust seeking out food among the gravestones. Churchyards are great places for photographing wildlife, if it’s not too shadowy.IMG_0019

This is a row of four Almshouses tastefully built in the honey coloured Oxfordshire stone, which really seems to glow in the sunshine. I like the matching pointed windows and doors. The ironwork  railings have a wildlife theme with little owls on the fence posts and roundels, with Acorns on Oak branches, set into them. We only post small pictures on our blog, but  you can always zoom in to a picture to see the detail.


Anonymous said...

are you part of the tccc or an overstayer as we have noticed you have been in this area longer than 14 days signed aw

Bottle said...

That is our business, if you are close by do knock on the boat and have a chat.