Saturday, 13 March 2010

Deddington Walkabout.

Bones was driving to Deddington this morning and kindly asked me if I would like to join her and Maffi. We set off early-ish in the bright warm sunshine. While they were visiting the wood yard, I was free to womble about the village among the rich honey coloured stone cottages. There is a central Market Place with a small town hall perched over archways on one side with a listed Giles Gilbert Scot red K6 telephone box lurking behind it. Informative text, maps and pictures telling the story of the villages past are to be found on the wall underneath the arches. Opposite is the 13th Century Church of SS Peter and Paul which has eight bells. As with many of the local churchyards it was carpeted with clusters of snowdrops. There is a network of narrow lanes radiating off from the main street all around the houses, some of which cluster by little triangular greens. One of these is called Goose Green, it wouldn’t be safe to allow geese to graze there now though, as they may have done in the past. On the outskirts there are the remains of an 11 century Motte and Bailey Castle with doggy walks encircling it and a football field in the flat area in the middle.

IMG_0023 Deddington Market place

Two food shops face the Market Square The Co-op and Eagles Fresh Foods. This shop incorporates a Butchers, Fish and Delicatessen supplying all sorts of delicious goodies.

IMG_0002 Eagles Fresh Foods 

A jolly painted Butcher man stands outside to attract the customers in.

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