Monday, 24 December 2012

All lit up.

IMG_2459 lights up

We have gone all Christmassy at last with our colourful led lights up and tiny tree, which you may just be able to see on the left. On Friday we met Paul and Lynne at our favourite watering hole to enjoy a cooked breakfast together, Daventry was buzzing, with shoppers everywhere especially around the street market. The bus was held up through Rugby and the abundance of traffic made the bus quite late arriving back. 


After continuously raining Friday night and all day Saturday it was nice to have a dry day on Sunday. So, we decided to go for a long walk round. The stream running through the golf course had overflowed reaching right up to the horses field, No playing golf for a while then!IMG_2452 track laying train

Because the towpath was fairly muddy in places we walked along Butlers Leap Road and under the railway bridge. There are many disused railway tracks all around Rugby and this track laying train was being stored on one of them. The river running alongside the road was quite swollen with the muddied water was running pretty fast. We finally reached Tesco's car park where we were heading to take our glass jars for recycling. It is a shame that there aren’t more recycling facilities along the canal for boaters to use,

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