Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blogging friends 3.


IMG_2426 Christmas bday lunch

On the twelfth of the twelfth at twelve o’clock, eight of us met up to celebrate two Birthdays and enjoy an early Christmas lunch together. We joined Del and Al of nb Derwent6 and took two buses over to Crick and met up with Paul and Lynne, nb Piston Broke and John and Angela, nb Ellen. So, here we are having pulled our crackers, suitable imbibed with lovely hot mulled wine, about to enjoy our succulent Turkey roast. The two Birthday boys are deep in conversation at the far end of the table, I wonder what was so important?

IMG_2429 Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn was all cosy and warm with the colourful festive decorations all around. A big thank you to Lynne for organising a table for us all on this special occasion, which we enjoyed very much.

             IMG_2430 Crick               IMG_2427

There was a quaint little coal fire glowing over in the corner with the emblem of the pub warming himself on the mantle piece above. The picture on the right is a mystery item which was hanging on the wall above our table. Can anyone guess what it is ?

IMG_2421 bus shelter

When we left mid afternoon it was still freezing cold, even the spider webs were still looking like strings of pearls in the bus shelter. The fields, trees and bushes had all turned white and stayed that way all day. Maybe we will take it easy tomorrow and spend the day on board and keep our glowing Squirrel company!

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