Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tesco’s .

It was just over a year ago when I e-mailed Tesco's HQ and visited their Rugby store situated near Masters Bridge 59 at Brownsover about the problem of their trolleys ending up in the canal.. Paul and Bottle pulled out about five trolleys then and we dragged them back in to the shop to show them what happens to them when boats squash them! We took pictures of the pile and posted them on Oakfield's blog. I suggested two possible solutions to their manager, improving their trolley barrier or securing the trolleys by the pound in the slot idea. Sadly neither options have been taken up by them. Whenever I go to shop there I take any stray trolleys back. The last one I took I filled with all the takeaway rubbish that I collected en-route down the footpath.

I walked along there last week and an old working boat ‘Admiral’ had snagged on something lurking in the water under the bridge. and nb Beefur was kindly helping to tow it back to free it from the obstruction. With the two boat engines revving fully they managed to move it.

Then we saw the photos of what had been pulled out of the canal by ‘someone’ and piled on the towpath. There are pictures of the mangled pile of trolleys on nb Derwent 6 Blog and also on nb Like Ducks to Water  blog.

Several boat owners have reported snagging their boats on trolleys under this bridge, but still Tesco refuse to resolve their problem. I despair, as all they seem to be interested in is their profit, but how much is this reduced by losing so many trolleys, I wonder?


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Doesn't CaRT have a trolley Line or something similar now for the removal of trollies from the canal where the stores are picking up the bill. Needless to say I can't find any details

David Probett said...

THere's this:
but I think it only relates to Stalybridge.

there is the statement:
".....we always follow up any evidence of where the waste comes from to try and recover our costs and punish those responsible. You can help by reporting any flytipping you see to us on 01923 201120". There is also an e-mail link there.

bottle said...

E-mails sent and replies received, it is all in hand,allegedly,C&RT and Tesco are in communication about the problem.