Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogging friends 2.


             IMG_2412 Stein_Jacquie               IMG_2420 Brownsover Tap

As we were about to move on, we noticed that narrow-boat ‘Like Ducks 2 Water’ had pulled in and went along to say a quick ‘hello’. Jacquie and Stein then kindly invited us on board for coffee and to see their lovely new boat. It was beautifully furnished and looked very cosy with all the Christmas decorations up, Of course we chatted about our various cruising experiences and other boaty things. It was lovely to meet them at last and we hope to see them again on our travels.

IMG_2414 Bronsover Tap

Despite reporting the state of the bank by the water tap at Brownsover last year, nothing had been done about it. Perhaps I’ll have another try and e-mail the Canal and River Trust before this muddy bank erodes away any further. We decided to pass on by and fill up the water-tank on our way back.

IMG_2416 Willow Wren Bridge

So, we carried on along to turn by the Willow Wren Bridge seen here in the distance. There were five boats resting on their winter moorings here between the two narrows.

IMG_2413 Brownsover

There are Elsan and waste facilities here in the park at Brownsover. We managed to scrape the bottom of the boat on something when we passed under Masters Bridge. I wonder what that could have been?

IMG_2410 Mr Kiplings roundabout

On walking past Mr Kipling's roundabout we found his cup cakes were looking very patriotic and Christmassy!

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oh thanks, such a shame we couldn't have a night together, hope we get to see you soon. All the best Jacquie,