Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Blogging friends 4.


              IMG_2447 Ben           IMG_2449 Rugby

I was a bit taken aback when I opened the side door this morning to find our neighbours friendly dog Ben was waiting there  hoping to play games. Lovely dog isn’t he?

We had had a call from our blogging friends moored ooop north wanting to meet us for a Christmas get together. They had a hired a car to visit their family and we arranged to meet in our favourite watering hole, Wetherspoons. Lynne and Paul from nb Piston Broke were also joining us. As it was a lovely bright dry morning, so we decided to forego the bus journey and walk into Rugby. It only took us half and hour and was quite a pleasant walk. Of course we saw that many of the big houses along the route were competing with each other displaying Christmas trees in their bay windows. Rugby was busy as usual, the street market is held on Monday. The little book shop was reminiscent of  'Dickens Old Curiosity Shop’ with its bow windowpanes sprayed with snow.

IMG_2448 Betty and Graham After six years of living afloat, continuously cruising on their narrow-boat Tranquility Graham and Betty have decided to become landlubbers again. We have spent quite a bit of time cruising with them and enjoyed mooring up together overwinter too, so we will miss them. Anyway the six of us had plenty of news to catch up on, so it was over two hours later when we emerged to go our separate ways. We took the opportunity to visit Morrison's and Asda while we were there, then to my surprise Bottle suggested walking back, so we did!

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