Saturday, 1 December 2012


      IMG_2358 Clifton-upon-Dunsmore 2000 IMG_2363 St Marys 13c IMG_2365

We had a walk up the hill into the village, en-route we could see the Rugby Cement Factory busy in the distance. As we approached we saw the village Millennium plaque set into a large stone and the Church of St Marys dates back to the 13 century.

IMG_2359 Thatched Cottage

This type of image used to adorn boxes of chocolate, this lovely thatched cottage stands right beside the main road.

IMG_2361 Bull Inn b1598Further on was The Bull Inn originally built as a farmhouse in 1598, but made into a pub some time later. Opposite are three shops, General store, Beauty and Nail Parlour and a Hairdressers. 

IMG_2366 Pill Box

                  IMG_2369 dis railway viaduct

A WW2 Pill Box stands guard over the towpath near Bridge 66 and a disused Railway Viaduct spans the Golf course. It is a shame that these have not been turned into useful cycle-ways as we have seen in other parts of the UK. Maybe they all will when motoring becomes too expensive in the future.

       IMG_2367 near B66                   IMG_2368

The towpath hereabouts is in a sorry muddy eroded state in places.

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Angela said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! That tow path!
New wellies for Christmas then? xxoo