Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hunkering down.


          IMG_2433 frostpatterns                IMG_2436

As we have been in the firm grip of the icy canal we stayed put inside Oakfield with our books and internet for company. There were lovely icy patterns all over the cratch (front) window which took ages to eventually melt, but we were warm and snug inside.

      IMG_2435   IMG_2438               

Our water pump located under the front step had been making a different noise than it usually does. We were glad that we had fitted an isolating switch at Paul's suggestion and would recommend that all boats should have one. It is the white thing in the foreground that can be easily flicked off in order to carry out repairs. So out came the toolbox and Bottle had it in bits and discovered the tiny water leak had been causing the problem. This kept him ‘amused’ for most of the morning, Paul rang up and offered his advice on the matter. (Thanks Paul) He also told us that a mans body had been found, early that morning, in the icy canal at Crick Wharf, poor soul.


Although this scene across the field looks like it is covered in snow, it is in fact thick white frost. 

IMG_2443 Butty Thule with its engine boat Ultima make a nice pair!

The ice melted a little yesterday and narrow-boat Tui managed to scrunch it’s way through towards Hillmorton. Today it has warmed up a bit, but the rain and the winds are so strong that we will not be moving just yet.

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