Friday, 7 December 2012

Blogging friends.


We waited for Mark on Callisto to come by with some coal and diesel for us before moving on. He said he had been breaking ice in some places to get through. We really do  appreciate his services in wintertime. but will buy from him all year round whenever we are on his route.



Nb Valerie had past us earlier on and we found that they had moored just around the corner. We follow their travels via their blog and had only been within waving distance on previous occasions. So we hoped we would meet up properly further on. They did catch us up the next day and came aboard for a long chat over coffee. It was lovely to meet Les and Jacquie at last and get to know each other a little bit. It was very interesting to hear about their recent travels to America and how our two countries differ in many ways.

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Les Biggs said...

It was lovely to just sit and chat. Happy travels.