Tuesday, 1 January 2013


IMG_2473This is Pickle.

We took the plunge and jostled with all the motorists rushing around between Christmas and new Year to visit our families. Most of the time was spent unwrapping our presents and  entertaining our Grandson. After all the festivities and good food washed down with drinks, it was time to tackle the chocolates, hmmm. It was exciting to to try out all the toys, especially the Lego and the Marble Run. Bottle and grandson wanted to compare the size of their hands, only a few more years to go to catch up!

IMG_2466 cards                                  IMG_2496 hands After lunch when the rain had been briefly turned off we went walkabout trying out the wellies stamping in all the puddles, which was great fun, for some! It was lovely to see everyone and as we were kept so busy the time went all too quickly. Then we headed across country to visit Bottles parents via the dreaded M25. Although the traffic was fairly heavy, luckily there were no hold-ups this time. It was nice staying in spacious houses for a change instead of being cocooned in our cosy moveable home afloat. Once back on board we soon got the Squirrel going while we unpacked all our goodies and stowed everything away tidily. Soon we were snug and warm  and settled down for a well earned rest with a hot drink. We didn’t see the new year in as our eyelids began to droop too much.

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