Sunday, 6 May 2012

Worcs + Birmingham Canal.

There were 24hr moorings at the junction so we stayed overnight and it was cold, dull and raining the whole time turning the towpath into a muddy stream. We thought we might cheer things up a bit by going to the Eagle and Sun, but found that it was ‘closed until further notice’. So we relit the Squirrel after much persuasion with the bellows as the kindling was slightly damp. There are two picnic tables on the grassy area overlooking  the junction and we watched six workmen turn up to lay a surface on the steps and pathway down to it. When they had finished they sat at the tables to have their break even though it was still raining!

IMG_0680 B34 Friday we moved down two bridges to moor by a gap in the trees in order to receive better signals and more daylight. There are signs of life aboard the permanently moored boats opposite and walkers and cyclists picking their way through the quagmires along the towpath. This is the way over Bridge 34 which seems to have eroded away right down to the red bricks.

IMG_0686 W B towpath     IMG_0678 B34

I went for my usual amble round about to see what lay ahead of us as far as B32 and heard the Cuckoo, which I haven’t heard for years!

IMG_0685I spied this beautiful house across the canal, Now I wouldn’t mind living in a house like that! How about you Lynn?

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