Saturday, 26 May 2012

Gloucester Docks.

IMG_0835 North Warehouse Turning left we moored to the pontoon alongside the North Warehouse where we could see the Alexandra Warehouse over in the opposite corner.

IMG_0848Although this was a lovely vantage point for watching the boats go past, unfortunately we got a spattering of Seagull’s messages left all along our roof!

IMG_0836 herbert Kimberley Phillpotts Warehouses

Herbert Warehouse is GCC HQ, Kimberley and Philpott's Warehouses are both residential with the popular Fosters Bar on the ground floor. We spotted the fuel boat Bletchley moored nearby and thought we would buy some coal from him the next day, but he had entered the lock by the time we got up.

IMG_0849 Phillpotts Warehouse     IMG_0865 Policeman on Cross

On Thursday we wandered up into the city via the Antiques Centre and spotted one of an endangered species near The Cross. Friday we caught the bus and spent a happy day at our daughters playing with our grandson and helping with a bit of gardening. On arrival back at Oakfield our 48hrs were up so we moved down under the bascule lift-bridge to Llanthony Quay pontoons where we filled with water and had a good self service pump-out. (10 minutes!)

IMG_0891 Llanthony QuayWe then moved past the permanent moorings to moor by the Lightship Sula which is a Holistic and Buddhist Centre with a small shop on board.

IMG_0909 The pillar fronted building was Downing’s Malthouses which still awaits restoration. Meanwhile the seagulls use them as nesting sites as they resemble their natural  cliff-top breading grounds. Nearby in the grounds of Llanthony Priory we could hear the performances of Gifford's Circus being enjoyed in the not-so-big top. IMG_0903 TS Jack Petchey Sunday we moved on down to Monk Meadow Quay onto the very handy 14 day moorings by Sainsbury’s Superstore. Just after we arrived the High Orchard Bridge was lifted to allow the TS Jack Petchley to pass underneath heading south. Monday we were taken out for the day to Cheltenham and were also treated to lunch at Ben and Jerry’s, luvley jubbly! The afternoon turned out to be quite hot so once back on board I quickly did a load of washing and hung it in the cratch to dry in the sun.


Tuesday and Wednesday mornings were spent cleaning the roof of the boat yet again, then perusing the shops and having coffee at our favourite venues! Midday the temperature had risen to nearly tropical, we rested and read books and forums. Good news when Bottle went to Specsavers for his eye test, he doesn’t need new glasses, so a great saving there!

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