Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dock Panorama.

IMG_0838 site of West Quay Warehouses The fuel boat Bletchley moored on the West Quay where a row of nine warehouses once stood dating from the early 1830’s. Various merchants used them as storage, mainly for corn and they were demolished in the 1960’s. Now a block of apartments occupies the whole site with little balcony's overlooking the main basin.

IMG_0870 Phillpotts,Kimberley Herbert Warehouses Phillpott’s + Kimberley Warehouses, and the Herbert Warehouse, which is in the occupation of the Gloucester City Council.

IMG_887 North Warehouse CathedralThis crane faces the old steam crane standing in front of the North Warehouse opposite.

IMG_0882 Neilsons Drydock

There is always something of interest being done in Neilson’s Boat builders Dry-dock.

IMG_0879 Alexandra Warehouse ships     IMG_0884

With other boats being worked on at the quayside there. The one on the right looked like a new build in progress with beautiful shapely woodwork all around the deck.


A few more sail boats moored up .

IMG_0878 Alexandra Warehouse Jack Petchey TS

The training ship Jack Petchley was moored here for the weekend while the cadets practiced their rowing and lifesaving skills.

IMG_0888 Llanthony Warehouse

Looking down the Barge Arm where Llanthony Warehouse on the right is the home of The Waterways Museum.

IMG_0889 Llanthony Bascule Lift Bridge

From the left, more of the museum, Coot’s Cafe and Llanthony Bridge.

IMG_0867     IMG_0868

This tall rusty pointy sculpture has been installed beside the private moorings in Victoria Dock. More sculpture looms over the steps leading up into the city. Most of the dock area and the city centre has now been nicely re-designed with pedestrians in mind and seems to be working quite successfully.

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