Sunday, 20 May 2012

Worcester to Gloucester.

IMG_0787 Swan Worcs

We had to wait until the excess rainwater had passed down the River Severn so lingered around for longer than usual. This swan had made her nest in a nice secluded sunny spot under a tree below the lock.

IMG_0768 swan eggs These three swan eggs were in an exposed spot by the towpath by the water-point in Diglis basin. We think that they may have been an inexperienced pair of swans with their very first brood. They weren’t continually taking turns to keep sit over them to keep them warm, so they probably won’t hatch.

IMG_0788 Diglis BasinHere we are early on a beautiful sunny Wednesday morning waiting for the top lock to fill below Diglis basin.

IMG_0789 Severn WorcsOnce out of the bottom lock Bottle pulled over to the pontoon for me to jump back on board, then we went with the flow on our way to Gloucester.

IMG_0775 Worcs King's Michael Baker Boathouse This building overlooking the river is built just like a boat with long thin strips of wood, the lettering on the side reads Kings Worcester, Michael Baker Boathouse. We passed through Diglis Lock without even seeing the lock keeper, except for a wave and a thumbs up as we left!IMG_0796

We met a few boats on their way up, otherwise  there was only us gliding swiftly over the smooth surface of the  water under a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

IMG_0817A Cormorant was drying his wings after doing a spot of fishing.

IMG_0811 Upton on Severn flood defenceUpton on Severn flood defences were in the process of being built up.

IMG_0800     IMG_0833 lower Lode lock Dog

The friendly lock keeper and his companion were keeping an eye on us while we went down in the Lower Lode River lock.

IMG_0815 IMG_0824

There are still some working boats here on the Severn. The three on the left lie empty at the wharf having discharged their loads. The other one is low in the water as it is almost full with aggregate ready to transport up to there.

IMG_0826Passing under Mythe Bridge with the pumping station in the background. The entrance up onto the Avon through the lock at Tewksbury is a little further on the left.IMG_0834 in Glos LockWe phoned the lock-keeper when we got to the Upper Parting and again when we got a bit nearer. He kindly had the lock-gates open for us to go straight in when we arrived. Our view as we rose in the lock, ready to moor in the docks after an uneventful journey. It had been a long day as we left our mooring at 7.15am, got down onto the Severn at 9.30 and 30 miles later we were mooring up on a pontoon in the docks at around 4pm, phew!

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