Wednesday, 9 May 2012

St Richards Festival.

IMG_0689 Saltmaking     IMG_0718

IMG_0717 Clogg Dancers

I wanted to go back down the Droitwich Canal on Saturday (5th), as the weather forecast was for a dry sunny day, for St Richards Festival. We hadn’t been for a long walk for sometime and Bottle took some persuading as he doesn't like exercise much. As we strolled down the towpath there were several boats going down the canal towards the town. When we arrived the festival was in full swing with Clog Dancers, Morris Men, Farmers Market and stalls selling a wide variety of things. The main streets had been closed off and many vintage and classic cars were displayed all along them. Here is just a tiny selection of what was on show.

IMG_0703 Rolls Royce       IMG_0708 Rover

Rolls Royce                                    Rover

IMG_0695MG IMG_0712

MG                                             Austin 10 ?

IMG_0699 Griffin Wales IMG_0697TVR

Griffon                                        TVR

IMG_0707 Ford sit up   beg IMG_0710 Mayflower

Ford ‘sit up and beg’                 Mayflower

IMG_0700 Ford AngliaIMG_0702 Norman Nippy Enfield India

Ford Anglia for Julia J             Norman Nippy, Enfield India

IMG_0690 St Richards Festival old cars IMG_0691 MG's

Triumph?                                 MGB, happy daze, eh?

IMG_0709 Riley IMG_0706 Fulcrum

Riley                                        Fulcrum

After trundling around all these highly polished treasures we had a rest in the Muffin Break over coffee and a snack. I was surprised to see Disney Pixar Cars in Wilkinson's and bought ‘Lewis Hamilton’ for our little Grandson. After picking up some bits we needed in Morrison's we made our way down to Vines Park where there were many things laid on to entertain all the children.

IMG_0719 Vines Park

Well, if I’d told Bottle that we would be doing a round trip of three miles beforehand I don’t think he would have ventured out at all. Anyway I think he enjoyed it all, I know I did, even though we arrived back completely exhausted.

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