Wednesday, 9 May 2012


 IMG_0682b Old Manor     IMG_0720 Hadzor

I walked down to Bridge 32 and followed the footpath over it, through a field, then turned right towards the little hamlet of Hadzor. On the right was the gable end of the Old Manor. Most of the older buildings must had their own wells and quite a few of them retained their hand pumps as features in their gardens. This posh little wash-house was at the bottom of the garden of the following cottage.  I could live in that!

IMG_0721Further on was the Old School House with it’s water-pump in the front garden.

IMG_0722 Old School House IMG_0730 Pump Thomas Wilks Kidderminster

I could just make out some lettering on it, so after downloading my images I zoomed in to see what it said. It had been cast by Thomas and Wilks of Kidderminster and was still in fairly good condition.

IMG_0723 IMG_0724 Court Farm

Court Farmhouse had been tastefully converted into five  desirable apartments. Court Farm was still a working farm with this once-upon-a-time Dovecote beside the main gates. I walked straight on and all around Hadzor Hall without seeing it as it was surrounded by trees atop the hill. I strolled down a new road where there were many magnificent new red brick houses all built around courtyards.

IMG_0729 Hadzor Hall gate Descending the road back down towards Droitwich I passed the wrought iron gates which led up through the rolling sheep pastures to the hall.

IMG_0726 horizon sheep Turning left outside the large stone gateposts adorned with huge pineapples, I tuned left up a long windy lane which, eventually, led back to Hadzor and retraced my way back to Oakfield. Then I put my feet up and Bottle kindly made me a welcome cup of tea, luvly jubbly

IMG_0736 IMG_0737

These fantastic little ferns were growing from between the gaps in the red bricks of the bridge.

1 comment: said...

Lovely photos of Hadzor. However, I'm bemused to find that
my house (The Old Court Farmhouse) has been turned into
five appartments - it hasn't.
I still live in it (all of it!)

We know quite a bit of the
history of the village, but if anyone has any
additional information or photos I
would love to see it.
We nearly all have wells -
mine goes back to the origins
of the house and has had a victorian water pump fitted.

With best wishes

Jacqueline Brooks