Friday, 11 May 2012


IMG_0755 Tibberton

This idyllic little place was thoughtfully named Black and White Cottage! I like the enormous chimney at this end which could have been the wash house or a bread oven maybe.

IMG_0759 TibbertonFrom little to large, this was one of many similar timber frame buildings and the only one that was not hiding itself behind tall trees. There are quite a few old listed buildings here and barns that now provide accommodation for humans.

IMG_0762 under a windowThis unusual plaque was under the window of another house. The village seems to be of two parts with the one centred around the church having been a farming community and the other half being nearer the canal. The busy little road runs straight through connecting one to the other. There is a useful Post Office Store selling the essentials and  two pubs all within easy walking distance of the canal.

IMG_0756 ducklingsWe had a few little floating fluff-balls for neighbours while we were there.

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