Monday, 13 February 2012

The Wharf.

IMG_0743 B Boat Wharfhouse Chandlery

Braunston Boats and  the Wharf Chandlery are below the bottom lock. How about this nice little narrow boat then Dave?

IMG_0744 Braunston Boats Ltd    IMG_0742 Squirrel

While the work goes on in the boatyard,  the squirrels are opposite busy finding the nuts they had buried.

IMG_0745 Braunston MarinaThe lovely new tug-style narrow- boat  ‘Strumble’, along with ‘Vulcan’, guard the entrance to Braunston Marina.

IMG_0746 Gongoozlers rest Hepzibah

Hooray, Gongoozlers Rest is open again serving breakfasts and tasty snacks.

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Dave Winter said...

If it's the same one I saw pictures of when it was for sale it has the bed under the tarps.Just a bit small for living in.
Don't go far in this mild spell they say it will get colder again.
Dave (brassiclint)