Thursday, 9 February 2012


IMG_0659 Muchgigglin 6.2.2012Saturday there was a loud scrunching of ice against Oakfield’s hull, so we looked out of the side-hatch. There were two people on the bow with poles helping to break the ice to get their boat through. Apparently they didn’t mind loosing their bottom blacking as it was due to be repainted in the summer!

IMG_0660It turned out to be nb Muchgigglin who had  carved his way through from Hillmorton en-route to Wiggrams turn. He had a water leak in the engine room and had to have a new floor laid, his generator had packed up, he had to buy ten new batteries and his fuel filter kept blocking up. Apparently he had the dreaded diesel bug and had already added Marine 16 to his fuel tank. Even so he had to keep stopping to drain the sludge off and re-start the engine. How unlucky is that?

IMG_0663He stopped opposite us for a while before continuing along to Braunston Marina. He had fun trying to persuade the boat to go around the corner against the ice, but made it eventually.


They were determined to get to Wiggrams Turn Marina in order to attach the boat to their shore line electrics. I wonder if they made it before it got dark?


Bella said...

Your red boat looks really good in the wintry photographs but I expect it is not so much fun to stand in for hours. You seem like intrepid explorers.

bottle said...

Sorry Bella. That is not our boat, it is one that went past us.