Saturday, 25 February 2012


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We hired a car from Enterprise and spent a couple of days ‘daan saaf’ to celebrate Dad and Mum's 66th Wedding Anniversary. The Ladybird Inn is a welcoming place, so that is where we treated them to lunch. The place was surprisingly full of diners for a Thursday! After much chatting over a relaxing meal we took them to Tesco for their weekly shopping trip. Next month they are off for a holiday with their daughter in Australia and also spending a few days away on the coast with all the family there.

The next day we left them to travel west to see our daughter and collect our post. After a snack we were kept well occupied by our grandson playing games etc in the afternoon. Then we made our way back ooop north to Oakfield. We had charged the new batteries well before leaving as the fridge and freezer would be running while we were away. On our return we were pleased to see that they had only dropped down to 60% SOC before we topped them up again. So it had been a very enjoyable and successful trip all round.

The only drawback is that the ‘Squirrel’ had gone out so we had to put the central heating to warm ourselves up. It was not long after I had cooked dinner and we had a warm drink that we retired to bed as we were ‘bushed’!

IMG_0015 Black Duck of the family      IMG_0023

Here are a couple of black and white pictures for you from last year when we were around Fradley Junction.

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