Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Playful Dog etc.

IMG_0816 Buster    IMG_0818

It seems that almost everywhere we stop a dog will rush up us to us and want to play sticks. This is Buster and who could resist his begging pose and soulful eyes. He was like a coiled spring who would have retrieved his stick many more times than we could throw it.

IMG_0820 HillmortonThe water tap at Hillmorton was in such great demand that we had to breast up to get in to use it. There have been quite a few boats on the move over the last few days, but probably very few tomorrow as the forecast predicts wet and windy.

IMG_0822  It was a really nice day for cruising and a little further on we saw Del with his camera always at the ready…

IMG_0824and Al, who always seems to be in the kitchen when we pass by.

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