Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bottom Lock.

IMG_0738The Boat Shop stands beside the lock selling milk, confectionary, canal memorabilia. It also runs a book swap where you can take books that you have read for then to sell to raise money for various charities. During the summer months the place is buzzing with walkers and gongoozlers lolling about enjoying their ice-creams here. The area around the bridge has recently had tarmac laid  over the previously rubble surface.

IMG_0741The shop owners obviously have a sense of humour.

IMG_0740    IMG_0734

I like the improvised flower container and the new lock gates appear to be completely watertight.

   IMG_0739     IMG_0736

Someone is also fed up with irresponsible dog owners too!

IMG_0737 Dog Pooh It is absolutely disgraceful for people to allow their dogs to leave piles of pooh right outside the shop and house.

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Arphamoe said...

As a 'local' rep for Macmillan Cancer Support, can I confirm that the shop has donated over £1,000 over the last few years! A magnificent effort by the team abd everyone that has supported them. Thank you all.