Thursday, 9 February 2012

Icebreaker 2.

IMG_0693 Renfrew icebreaking

The canal had refrozen after Muchgigglin came through on Monday and we heard it cracking again early this morning. ‘Renfrew’ was on the move with three men breaking the ice with long boathooks.

IMG_0695     IMG_0696 Renfrew

They were going around the corner to tow FMC Clent along to Braunston Marina to be craned out and brought back around by road to the Phobox Co for refurbishment work. They were held up because Bob Mitchell’s Narrowboat Workshop was on fire with three fire appliances in attendance. It is thought that the fire for heating the workshop was to blame.

IMG_0754 FMC Clent Fleet No354It was late afternoon by the time Clent was unloaded from the Tuckey’s lorry onto its special cradle ready for work to begin.

IMG_0756 last wooden FMC wb to be builtClent was the last wooden working boat built at Uxbridge for Fellows Morton and Clayton in 1947, her fleet number was 354 and she has a Bolinder Pup engine.


The Jules said...

Wotcher Keith.

Loving the pics of Oakfield.
Beautiful boat, although I reckon it could be improved with a blue light on top!

Hope you're well mate.


bottle said...

Hi Jules

Blue light days are well and truly over. Max speed now about 3 mph.